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  • Associate Editor, Frontiers in Evolutionary Psychology and Neuroscience.

  • My current major writing projects are manuscripts on the evolution of human consciousness and religiosity. You'll have to wait a while for most of these, so if you are wondering what I'm thinking, take my religiosity course!

  • Local physiological adaptation and the energetic costs of alternative morphs in the soapberry bug, Jadera haematoloma (Hemiptera). Respirometric studies of different populations across North America in search of divergences in basic physiological traits.

  • Feeding preferences and the energetics of food detoxification. Collaborating with Dr. Tagide deCarvalho investigating the energetic costs of dealing with plant defensive secondary compounds in preferred and non-preferred foods in soapberry bugs

  • The role of male-male competition and female pheromones in the lek mating system of a fairy moth, Adela sp. (Adelidae). Examining the role of female pheromones and male-male assaults in a new species of fairy moth. Collaboration with taxonomist Richard Fagerlund and students from my summer behavior courses. This is another project that I would love to plug several good students into perhaps for independent study credits, in order to really nail down what's going on. The moths have a 2-3 week breeding season in late June at Flathead Lake Biological Station, where I also study the sierra dome spider.

  • Evolutionary Psychology Workshops. In collaboration with evolutionary Gestalt psychotherapist John D. Wymore, these conceptual and experiential workshops are designed for mental health professionals, personal growth counselors, and interested lay people. Various 1-2 day workshops explore evolutionary insights into (1) the structure of the human mind and the possible adaptive functions of diverse forms of psychological pain and "dysfunction," (2) the dynamic properties of human attention and the fundamental nature of awareness and self-awareness, and (3) the functional significance of unipolar depression in human social life, introducing a detailed new adaptive model of both minor and major depression with rich clinical implications. Overall, these workshops are aimed at persons having a serious interest in the adaptive design of the human psyche, the potential adaptive value of psychological pain, and the potential therapeutic or personal growth value of enhanced awareness and more objective self-understanding. Contact us for information on upcoming workshop offerings.

  • Fluctuating asymmetry and sexual success in male mayflies.

  • The adaptive function of sexual mimicry of males by female damselflies. Collaborating with undergraduates from my 1994 & 1996 field courses.

  • Multi-week zero-benefit guarding of aphid colonies by carpenter ants: slave-making aphids or investing ants?

  • The effects of operational sex ratio and female hunger on mating propensity and duration in three water strider species (Aquarius remigis, Gerris buenoi, G. incurvatus). Collaborating with undergraduates from my summer field courses.

  • A Darwinian critique of psychotherapeutic intervention strategies. I continue research for a book aimed at evaluation of treatment methods used in a spectrum of psychotherapeutic traditions. I would love to find a coauthor.

  • Development of methods to quantify levels of fluctuating asymmetry using morphometric programs based on thin plate splines relative warp analysis.

  • Nutrition, re-mating propensity and contingent female sexual preferences in mormon crickets. Field and laboratory study conducted by my Animal Behavior field course from 1994-2000.

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