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Manuscripts in Progress

  • Watson, P.J. The Informational Boundaries Hypothesis of Religiosity (IBH): An Expanded Honest Signaling Framework for Understanding Ingroup and Outgroup Religious Diversity as an Evolutionary Adaptation.

  • For additional results concerning decision-making processes during male-male fights in sierra dome spiders, see the doctoral dissertation of my graduate student Pamela L. Keil.

  • Watson, P.J., Submitted, under revision. Contingent behavioral incitation of male-male fighting by penultimate female sierra dome spiders. Animal Behaviour. See Carleton College press release.

  • Hagen, E., Watson, P.J., and Thomson, J.A. Submitted. Loves Labours Lost: Major depression as an evolutionary adaptation to obtain help from those with whom one is in conflict. Lancet.

  • deCarvalho, T.N., and Watson, P.J. Energetic consequences for soapberry bugs of feeding on preferred versus non-preferred chemically protected seeds. In Prep.

  • Watson, P.J. The energetic costs of copulatory courtship in the sierra dome spider and female choice for metabolic power. In Prep.

  • Watson, P.J. A genetic trade-off faced by females between sexually competitive and rapidly ageing sires in the sierra dome spider. In Prep.

  • Watson, P.J., Fagerlund, R., Willingham, M., Polinsky, K, Kang, J. and Kayser, A. Submitted, extended MS In Prep. Evidence of injurious male-male aggression and female chemical incitation in the lek mating system of a new species of fairy moth (Incurvariidae; Lepidoptera). view abstract

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